A Fiery Dance of Venus

Boys and girls, recently, because of the movements of your favorite planets: those which bring about romance, or what passes for it, nowadays, you will have felt a quick but deadly, kill process. That fragile flower love, has been cooked to a fiery cinder. Many will find, what they believed to be love, has now metamorphosed into: hate, rage, the urge for revenge, despair, ennui, blank shock and the possible determination that, never again, will they try their luck at love.

Or to put it another way, because, why not, I want to use the vernacular of the military: many will want to: “pull pin and throw grenades” at their significant, male or female. Except for rock solid relationships, many now want to continue on, in an atmosphere of rage, refusing to give up fixations of theirs about: power, control, money, and everything they have not previously dealt with in relationships pertaining to who runs what. This is not the way to go. The best advice I have now, is go back to your corners, beat your grenades into pruning hooks, and your fire hurling equipment into useful backyard metal ornaments. After all, iron can be made into a feminine device, useful for flower baskets.

The planets: Mars, Venus and the Sun have wrought this havoc, with a staggeringly quick motion of destruction, which began October 8th, 2010. These aspects start to get better on November 22nd of 2010.

Why did this occur in the past, you ask? A fiery dance of Venus-the female entity in relationships
once dwelling in the sign of Scorpio, conjuncting Mars, the male entity got burned up, when she went backwards: retrograde through the rays of the Sun, who burnt her and made her energy sick.

She dwelled in the sign of Libra, for a time, but when she passed into the Sun, her sickness was so bad, she mimicked the death of the Greek hero Icarus, who when trying out his new wings, put together with wax, in his route behind his father, Daedelus and when he flew to close to the Sun, fell from the sky, dead.

On the 18th of November Venus, went direct, but this was not good, as she took another fiery bath in the rays of the Sun: combusting thereby again. Made ill again. After this she became masculinized by being on the other side of the Sun, in the sign, she is in her detriment in, again, Scorpio. She is not happy here and wants to deal with dark emotion.

Meanwhile, Mars, the male equivalent has moved happily on and has conjuncted Mercury and is now skipping, or flying happily in Sagittarius, not understand the rage coming as a malevolent essence from the poisonous miasma floating towards him.

Funny you might say? No, not to women or those feminine in nature. No, heck no! We will need a military drum roll for the long lines of divorces that will run in black lettering, down the pages of the society columns and listings of court dates: as those that have been betrayed seek revenge.

For those who sense a business opportunity in the making. Yes, you are right. Chocolate makers, spirit salesmen, psychiatrists, divorce lawyers of all persuasions, makeup artists, spa owners, jewelry makers of make up jewelry ensembles for the very rich, get ready: money will flow your way.


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