Jupiter,Saturn,Venus and Equine Effects

When I lived in Kentucky among astrological disbelievers,I was challenged to make a prediction which would come true.
For me,this was like waving a red flag at a bull and I told my haughty, British,horse vet friend,that within two months the bones of horses would become soft and that the value of horses,then high,would plummet.

This man agreed to vouch for this prediction when it came true.

A situation somewhat similar to this one,but different in minor respects will occur shortly,in mid March.
It is entirely possible that horses born from the next crop of horses bred,will have severe bone problems and that,becuase of this,their value will be lower then usual.
Also,they will be have a higher incidence of brain bleeding,when they race.They will be,what horse breeders call:”bleeders.”

Financially,in the United States,there may also occur at this time,precipitous financials shifts downwrds,as these planets historically appear to be linked to downward turns in value.


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