The Language of Romance

In matters of romance,it is essential to understand the style of communication you and your beloved communicate in quickly, because,if this is not understood, while the romance is being set up,it will never come to fruition.Astrology can do this effectively and incisively.

Forgive the technical terms for descriptive purposes.For example,if  someone has seven planets in the sign of Virgo and is trying to woo someone with many planets in Cancer,problems will ensue,unless both parties understand how the other operates.

The Virgo person will be non verbal,and will not take any action until they are ,done figuring the Cancer person out.This is because they hate to make up his mind,do not make decisions fast and are non verbal,with many planets in earth.

The Cancer person will show emotion,decide whether they are interested quickly and want to know fast what the other wants.This is because their planets are in water signs, which are expressive emotionally and cardinal,aggressive decision makers who act fast.

It will benefit you before you waste your time,to find this kind of thing out.


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