Libya:The Nodes and Pluto

This chart of Libya came from Nicholas Campion’s book,:The Book of World Horoscopes.In it,even a beginner to the field of astrology will notice that natal Pluto in this chart is now joined by the transiting  North and South Nodes,in Sagittarius and Gemini,which will not fail to destabilize it.This is because Pluto resides,in the natal chart of this country,the mundane chart,in the house of asssets,the second.The second house is concerned with the physical assets the country posseses and Pluto in Virgo rules Libya’s fourth house,Scorpio.Pluto rules black gold,oil.This shows there will be massive change in oil here,how the oil is dealt with and also there will be massive change in the land of the country itself,because of this tumult.

The line where the transiting North and South Nodes appear in a chart,show a kind of burning way,a path of explosive change.This is because this line marks the areas and polarity in the chart where the eclipses for the year will come through.Where this occurs, planets which are aspected by this line will suffer radical change.Does this sound true here?Yes.

In Vedic Astrology,the Nodes are called,Rahu and Ketu and they are malefic,even demonic in their tone.This is the case here.


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