Day: March 2, 2011

A Warning About Business Deals

At this time,refrain from signing contracts which involve money and important business deals.This is not an astrologically appropriate time for you. If you go ahead,unless the business involves such matters as: mortuaries,corporations investigating criminal matters,the garbage business,toxic waste,medical waste,selling gravestones,or black materials,you will find yourself in a heap of trouble. If I ennumerated on how …

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Just Open A Vein

Many of you are beset with intense melancholy,of the kind where you can almost feel it moving though your bloodstream,like strong poison. This is because there is an astrological pattern which yokes Saturn,the quintessential bringer of despair,Pluto,the planet which creates vast wastelands of nothingness and Jupiter which normally brings,optimism.Now Jupiter cannot bring about his normal …

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