My Old Kentucky Home:Why This Is Not A Song People Want To Dance To.

     Kentucky is a lady aging, like a fallen Blanche Dubois,get out the violins “y’all……” slapping makeup on her won’t fix her now.She is too far gone.This is because of the people who run he,:her “pimps” the corrupt politicians who have crafted laws which do not protect the horse industry from harm and who do not have enough intellectual vision to go after visionary plans for the future.These people are lazy,avuncular and sleepy with their own hubris.So how do I really feel?

    Even when they are approached to change this,they do nothing to pick up the game.They continue to turn gold into straw.

   Many in America rail that out country is a has been,not realizing that,many times, it is hobbled by botched people who are riddled with weakness.”The problem dear Brutus lies not with our stars,but in ourselves” this means that we can fix it by facing basic flaws and reconfiguring  our positioning.


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