Romance Today:At Best A Checkhovian Dialogue

Checkhov,the famous playright was famous for the skewed dialogues he gave his tortured characters.Even when supposedly attempting operatically tocommunicate with each other,each character speaks from their own narcissism,words which relate only to their own view,not that of the:”beloved” this is what makes his writing come-tragedy.The romantic couple do not know they will never have a real romance,but we do.This,at best is what is going on now with many couples.
Right now individually,people are cracking up and consider their lot overwhelming because they have no real empathy for the other.The Saturn,Pluto and Jupiter tee-square has them in a vice where the magic escape move is merely going outside themselves and seeing the beloved.
If this is not accomplished,their despair will be very,very real and may well end in suicide just now.The inky blackness of their melancholy feels realer than real ,to them.


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