There Be Monsters

Many things will come to a head by the end of the month:political standoffs,the denouement in the Middle East,the expansionistic view of the stock market and a feeling that things are under control in general.
We do not know the abcs of how the expansionsitic expression in the world will implode,but we do know that there will an implosion by the end of March.This appears inevitable.
It is only prudent,therefore to not take any unneceeary risks with investments and live life right now in a very spare way emotionally.
People in the entire population are undergoing testing of their deep motivations:they are being winnowed spiritually to see what they are made of.Darwin would be proud of this process.
It is a time to have empathy towards others,to express generousity even not when asked and to do what is ethically correct,even when this seems quixotic.Goodness is never a waste of time.This is a time to show our mettle.


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