The Entrepreneur As Artist

Many times original people with extraordinary artistic temperments bring into existence that which has never been invented before.
When they did this,they had to defy all odds,and were viewed as oddballs and renegades by many.Yet,the braved the elements and brought their new,artistic progeny into being.
Instead of realizing that they have never given up their artistic temperment,they try to become,”businessmen or businesswomen”! This is a mistake!
They need to wall out the stupidity of crude materiality which acompanies the daily grind of entrepreneurship and fully stay in the ambit of their artistic mindset.
Astrologically this kind of thing occurs most in the charts of people who lack fire signs in their charts,but their can be other reasons why this occurs.
Just know,it is a good time for such types to get their groove on and enjoy being original again.
Mercury and the Nodes interlink and can give access to such creativity.


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