Explosive Metamorphosis

Now,in the world at large there will be explosive change.Power will shift,almost immediately in many venues.The change will be sweeping and quite stark.
Darwinian tactics will be the mode of operation in this period of time to transform things for positive and negative purposes equally.This will be unnerving,but change must occur for the entire world and all humanity.In many ways,this change is breaking up from the ground below,like a giant symbolic earthquake,breaking up the old forms of governance,conventional thought,spiritual conventions,religious paradigms and knowlege as we perceive it.
Probably too at this time,there will be new discoveries in atomic physics:ideas of what matter really consists of.
In any case,trying to fight against embracing change will lead to loss.It is best to voluntarily make as many deliberate changes as can be made.Get rid of that which is old:throw old ideas out.Do not worry about the feeling that you are walking through an emotional landscape of darkness.Transformation will follow.


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