There Be Monsters:The Earthquake

My readers might be interested to know that I predicted an earthquake for San Francisco three months prior,which occured at a mild leval.
Three months later,this effect has just gone off again and although no large effect seems apparant,there will be some negative effects for the next week in the mood of San Franciscans.
We are lucky it has not been worse.

With regard to the earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan,we find a perfect storm of this same factor going off at this time:the factor which created the mild quake in San Francisco and the what are called,”transits” hitting the angles of the chart of Japan.
The chart for the chart of Japan Sovereignty,set at April 28 1952 at 11;30 PM GMT,from Nicholas Campion’s book we see the angles of the chart,getting hit by many slow intense planetary movements.This means that the effects for radical change will not be a brief effect.They will be slow and reach every leval of the society.
The earthquake on the physical leval,will out on all the other levals:political,corporate,in banking,environmental etcetera,etcetera,yadda,yadda,yadda,yadda into infinity.
Japan is due for a radical restructuring.
Corruption which is hidden will come out,secrets will be revealed.Environmental pollution,which has not been an issue will surface big time.
Nuclear power as a power source for the country will probably be reappraised and the potential exists for corporations pushing alternative power,at this time to sell their product to the Japanese.
Much poisoning will occur,no doubt,some of it nuclear,certainly with oil and a huge toxic mix of all that is toxic in the effluvia department will bubble up through their land.This is due to the planetary large aspect of:Pluto,Uranus,the Nodes,Saturn,Uranus,Mercury and the Moon bringing the light of Venus,which ruled the angle overhead at the time of the earthquake to the planet,Mars which ruled the fourth house of the event chart,describing the land at the location.
So what we have here is a series of larger effects to set up this monster event:the perfect storm of devestation and the fine secondhand on the timing clock of it,described by a quick movement of the Moon to two planets.
This is an example of how specific my field can be and why,for those of us who are lucky enough to do it,it proves to us everyday that life is not random.


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