Lions and Tigers and Birds Oh My….

You heard it here first,birds,fish,horses and other animals of sizes and shapes will fill the news for the next year.
Animals will have weird illnesses,do strange things,get sick with illnesses that spread quickly,many times with airbourne or waterbourne germs or viruses.
Moreover,their will be off migratory behaviors of the aforesaid creatures.People who love them should get out their handkerchiefs now.This cycle will give new life to those kind individuals who come alive helping in animal rescue:those that wash oil off of bird feathers and those who help the exhausted porpoise, after it has almost expired.
In horses,I have written about posibble bone breakage problems and a higher tendency in the baby horses born this year to brain bleeding on the racetrack.
I would also add that colic and fast spreading pneumoniaesque illnesses will also probably affect them.That is why hygiene will be a key watchword for horsefarm owners.


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