The Royal Wedding:Probably Unplanned By An Astrologer

The Royal family of England has had a long history of hiring well schooled British astrologers to set up the exact timing timing charts for pretty much all of their nuptuals,but in this case,this seems an impossibility.Too much is wrong with this chart.
A confluence of planets reside in the sign of Aries,which will encourage aggression,but not in a good way.Moreover,the Nodes are in a tee square to a void of course Moon in Pisces.This creates an emotional mood in the young marrieds to be and in the mood of the wedding itself.
This from the Brits for whom a coronation chart was created by the famous astrologer,John Dee,for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the First,so that she would have extreme power but would be curbed in her sexual proclivities.
Mr Dee was the astrolgers astrologer of the day,the day being the seventeenth cantury!
Oh well,those days are long gone.
If the gorgeous couple can triumph over this astrological timing,they will clearly get a prize.


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