There Be Monsters:More Effects From The Timing of March 11th

The earthquake effects unleashed today are probably still rolling along.An “orb,”or time frame of five more days will bring what was started today forward.
Earthquakes may pop up during this time,especially in China and continue in the places already set off.
China as a country is under extreme transformation.Thier chance of violent revolution,earthquakes and catastrophic weather events awaits them for a long time to come.
There is no was they will not have intense events occuring.Their chart has similar effects to Japan!
Saudi Arabia shows a highstrung population who will remain reactive but not the volitility of Japan and China.
It is likely that the whole poisoning scenario will deeply affect the populations of Japan and China and be a serious cause of unrest.
Although we are not directly privey to the toxic poisoning of the work force of the Chinese people,no doubt many are being made quite sick.
People can only take so much before they react.
Also,as regards Japan,those of us who remember Three Mile Island wonder why the Japanese are so dependant on nuclear power.No nuclear power plant can be totally immune to a meltdown.


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