New Effects

There will be many more gas explosions,intense weather -with much inundation,train and other transportation crashes,many fires from explosions,birds-animal transportation crashes,cruise problems and many other scenerios of this kind too numerous to describe.
Also there will be large change in the Catholic Church and more scandals upcoming.
Grain and other crops will go up due to upcoming weather situations,for the foreseable future.
Obviously the nuclear power industry will not be advancing in the world,so other sources of energy will be developed at a fast clip.
Through March,these matters will be unfolding,but will continue in June to unfurl.
Around March 22nd,many of the countries which are about to explode,will start to do so,like:China,Iraq,and India.
In the background of the mood of the people of these countries is environmental toxicity and a toll taken of ongoing disasters that have occured in the past year,where those controlling these countries have not intervened to mitigate the suffering.This is resulting in a volcanic feeling in these populations of simmering,blind rage.


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