Large Patterns of Negativity:There Be Monsters

Through the 26th of March there will be numerous problems with animal life,lung infections which spread quickly,fast moving diseases of all kinds that race through the body,storms with deluges and intense lightning,accidents of trains,planes and all other forms of transportation which result in large fatalities,large glitches in internet and other forms of communication,anxiety which is a disease unto itself,weather ruining crops like wheat and tobacco from too much water at the wrong time,religiousity in the news,problems with food of the ocean,problems with gas and poisoning from vapors and many other things which come out of the blue,strike unexpectedly and blow things up.
Moreover,coinciding with this there will be the inception of many new things in the world which are game changers,which we now have no concept of,which will come in immediately.
They will burst onto the scene,as if from nowhere.
At this time too,it is important for government officials to be vigilant of terrorism:this may be the time when the first upgrade in terror weapons comes on the scene.A dirty bomb or toxic germ,is not out of the question.
This does not mean bad people will be able to carry such schemes out,but what terrorists have beeen planning may now finally be carried out.
For this reason,it is a lousy time to take a pleasure cruise or trip to Europe.This is not the best time.
We must live our lives with honor,seriousness and bravery,but we must be prudent.
We can spend our time with those we cherish and use the heavy planetary aspects to enrich our lives.


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