Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To

Those whose charts have a preponderance of earth signs:those of the Taurean,Virgoan,or Capricornian pursuasion are silent types:those who do not speak!
For them,this is no big deal.Why should they tell their feelings until they are good and ready,they see no reason to utter a word,to even give their significant a faint clue,that they are,in fact,considering the possibility of romance.
They person interested in them cannot tell if that might be the case and cannot pull it out of them whatsoever because they are as silent on the subject as a “box of hair”.They exist in a state of virtual waiting for the answer to come to them,until then,they are carrying on cogitation and have nothing to give.
When these people finally make up their minds,they may find that their,now beloved significant either:a.hates them or,b.simply no longer cares and has left the building.
They are surprised by these turn of events,but never get a clue that it is they who have brought about their own bad result,because they process their romantic feelings at the speed of mud.
What is truly funny and for the objective onlooker,comic,is that they never learn from such mistakes.They will continue to react in the same slow way,over and over again.
They are in many ways,extremely unfortunate because they are their own worst enemies.Bad timing dooms not only romance,but all their activities to a death by inertia.


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