Japanese Stock Market:A Puff Piece

The Japanese Government are obviously lying about the nuclear reactor situation.This does not surprise us,they are desperately trying to keep their currency and stock market afloat.

  For a long time the nuclear problems in the plant which blew up were known, but not addressed by the government.

This morning at 10;45 A.M. two big smoke clouds were photographed over the Fukishima plant,although the government claimed that the reactors there were doing well.This claim made Japan’s currency and stock market go higher and stabilized their economy briefly.In turn,markets in other countries went back up.This,of course,is a false puff of hot air,because the nuclear poisoning is only going to get worse:a large cloud of  highly radioactive nuclear gas just made its way over the Japanese population and  added to further monstrous contamination of their food supply.This is not good.

Let us connect the dots here then.What was hot air,will immediately cool.When the foreign investors find out about the radiation,the markets will react adversely to the news.

As was discussed previously,we have here a perfect storm of rolling continuous negative baby storms:the glut of houses yet to be released onto the market,the rising oil prices despite Libya- a flash in the pan,the dimunition of the world’s food supply-leading to high food prices and scarsity of product-in turn leading to unstable governments in alot of countries,especially dictatorships,future bad storms to come this year ,which will further diminish crops,a non existant supply of seafood,poisoning of much ocean water affecting untold things,the arab countries cracking up,and the inability of the United States to effectively provide an overarching geopolitical force in the world.

For this reason,instability will prevail.Do not be deceived by the bullish optomism now being posited.We are in a negative period of time primarily.

This is not to say though,that there will not be an up side to this negative situation,because there will be one.The investing opportunity for food futures and food investments is obvious to the savy mind.Investments in that which will be in short supply and necessary for humankind.


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