Re;There Be Monsters:Japan and The Middle East

   Today on T.V.Michio Kaku,the eminent physicist  explained that it is reasonable to be concerned that reactor three of  the Fulishima nuclear plant has a whole in its containment vessal and that it is the most dangerous one,because it is run on Plutonium.

  Today there were three earthquakes in Japan,Kaku  explained that there could come a crisis where the people controlling the reactor might have to leave their posts due to an emergency.If this were to occur a meltdown involving Plutonium would not be out of the question.

The IAEA who monitor radioactive situations have stated that they cannot verify what the exact conditions are in the plant.

If this situation destabilizes in Japan and a meltdown or dangerous situation occurs,then with other rolling sources of  wildness in the market-like Yemen, will collapse.At this time the stock market will fall precipitously.


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