There Be Monsters:Japan

   It is this astrologers opinion that the situation at the Japanese reactors might reach a critical leval by Sunday afternoon,March 6th.Mars in Aries will join the Sun,Jupiter and Uranus,already there.Mars will conjunct Uranus,the planet of Uranium.Also,Mars and Uranus will sqaure Pluto,the planet of Plutonium in Capricorn,the sign of the exaltation of Mars.These planets symbolically say kaboom writ large.This is troubling in the extreme.

As well as this,moreover,Mercury tomorrow goes retrograde in Aries to finish the fireworks the other planets In Aries have already started when they aspected Pluto.This is not going to be good,becuase due to incompetence,the scientists dealing with the reactors will mess up matters and the atomic fires now started will spring to life,in a way previously unparalleled.

It would not be a surprise if within a few days,we will be living in a different paradigm:that of utter chagrin and fear.

I hope that I am wrong and that matters will turn out to the contrary.


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