Food Is The New Oil

  For those of you who still have investments in the market my advice to you is be careful! The market is not floating on real value.Real estate prices are falling.The glut of excess housing has yet to be unloaded! Unemployment is still a big factor.Healthcare questions are preventing large corporations from expanding as well as questions about the counry’s future direction.The verities which give stability to world markets are not holding steady.If you have questions you can’t answer about what will happen in the future then do not risk a large percentage of your savings!

   We do know however,that currently food is the new rare commodity and in my opinion,using best astrological principals,the food scarcity will get more intense.June will bring to spates of storms and big winds:these should occur on June 1st and June 15th.This should ruin many more crops with flooding,hail,lightning and fire-from high winds.This will be good for those farmers who have a crop left,but not good for the world’s hungry.

Morevover,the flooding could also impact mines.


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