Darkness Falls:The Solar Eclipse Endarkens Japan and America

   The eclipse of January 4th 2011 brought about the literal earthquake in Japan and the figurative political earthquake in America.There is no point breaking it down in astrological terms just now but suffice to say,both countries are due for ongoing “aftershocks” of different intensities.

  Japan today suffered a literal “power out”,when an aftershock again hit it.This is because when a country is affected by an eclipse ,it suffers a loss of its essence and power.The Sun and Moon give life and light,when they are blotted out that symbolism is linked to a strong effect on Earth.Astrology describes this.

   That radiation would poison its land is also shown because Pluto is involved with radiation and death.The chart also shows a sudden explosive effect like a bolt from the blue and new ways of relating to Japan’s one to one allies.

    In America,the eclipse causes the President to have his power”eclipsed” .The eclipse is involved in a cardinal cross and shows a Darwinian power struggle of the Republicans, shown by Staturn,the Democrats,shown by Jupiter and a process of unraveling,shown by Mercury.

   It appears a shutdown will occur.Mercury retrograde will make the result hotly debated because Mercury goes into the Sun by combustion.

   Both countries will have their leader’s power diminished and undergo complete and utter death and rebirth.


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