There Be Monsters:Another Variant

   No,I am not the Savoronola of the 21st century! I am speaking about a large amount of negative things which may befall people to prevent loss in the people who follow me….In fact,because Astrological thought informs my life and shows me that the universe is one large fabric,I am,in fact,an optomist and a pollyanna.I believe that we can turn away which negtive things which might happen,by foreseeing their possibility and thus, refraining from letting a bad outcome occur.This is why I write.

   I once had a near death experience,went to a kind of library somewhere in a place of light and returned to my body.This knowledge that death is not the end,informs my life.

   Astrology describes a large symbolic fabric,in a way not unlike quantum science,string theory or complicated mathematical models of the universe.We,who use it,believe it was given by G’d as a gift to humankind to help keep us alive and in possesion of an ethical framework.Ecclesiastes says;”To everything there is a season”….this is what astrology gives voice to.It gives the particulars of each season of life on Earth.Sometimes,the season contains bad things and sometimes the opportunity for positivity comes up.Astrology gives more free will to humankind by explaining how these seasons take place.

   For example in the stock market of America.Just now there exists what I described as, a “perfect storm’ of rolling negative factors which will continue to roll along.Why I speak of this,is because in this storm or earthquake,if you will,pick your symbolism,an opportunity still exists to make money in the market.

  I am not a stockbroker and have no business degree,so take my ideas to such experts and see what they advise.I am just offering out of the blackness,a possible silver lining of positive investing ideas.

I believe large storms in June,on the 1st and 15th,will further make the grain prices skyrocket,because water will ruin many planted crops and also affect numerous crops,then in the ground.This means probably that their rareness will make then a good buying opportunity.

  I like coal in emerging markets of Asia. and in Europe,the fuel is needed.Who cares if envirnmental laws restrict American use of it! The coal companies can sell to the those who will buy and say “thank you”.

   I like stock in rare drugs and new inventions in Americain technology,which have not been affected by the Japanese situation.

 I love companies which deal in radiation because radiation will continue as a large factor,in america and the world.

  I farmed foods,like fish,vegetables and fruit.

 Is this negative?


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