Predictions Which Have Come True

   I predicted that the Fukushima nuclear situation would continue to escalate and become much more dangerous,based on the astrological picture.

   I predicted,on the first day of the earthquake in Japan,an intense nuclear situation transpire and that that situation would begin to bring an end to nuclear power as a viable industry.

   I predicted aquatic creatures and other animals would get sick,before the quake in Japan.

   I predicted accidents on trains and planes on an ongoing basis.This will continue to be  a factor for the next nine months.

   I predicted wheat would skyrocket.

   I described instability in the stockmarket and predicted that rolling factors would create a “perfect storm” that would destabilize it.

   These predictions were unambiguous and were made from the symbolic structure of astrology.Hopefully,they show you,the reader that astrology is a valid system for analizing trends and has validity.


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