There Be Monsters:More Negative Predictions

   In the future,there will be many more wildfires,large storms which cause massive flooding,air and other transportation accidents,widespread animal illness-including avian,aquatic and equine varieties which go quickly through these populations.

   There will be many more out of control computor releasments of private information,computer hacking and large crashes of computer sytems.

   There will be a high prevalence of fast moving lung diseases,a high risk rate for brain injuries-like stroke and brain illnesses.Fast moving infections will kill people quickly.The reason to bring this up,is that if these illnesses befall a loved one,get them immediate care because this will prevent negative effects.

   Radioactivity will be a long term factor all over the world with unfathomable negative effects;not just in Japan.It is out of Pandora’s box for good.

   Real estate will continue to fall in value in most of the United States.

  A widespread pesimsim will continue.

  China will slow down and not expand as it has.In China many natural disaters and envirnmental poisoning will occur.Political unrest will come back in the near future.


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