Predictions Which Came True:There Be Monsters

Readers of my blog have read my warning about the stock market.Today they can see what I was talking about again on the second wake up call event.

I am not telling people to not invest in the market.I am warning them that the basic paradigms they considered try and true have changed.For this reason they need to look aat their investments with a cold eye and not follow their previous reasoning.

They should think about what the underlying factors are and if they don’t understand them then they should not be blindly invested until they have done their research.It not the time to snooze while their net worth is on the line.

The problem is that more causes of instability probably lie ahead.If the real estate tax deduction gets taken off the table,the real estate market could really go into a tailspin.This is because real estate investers are now quite nervous as it is.A whiff of negativity could cause them to pull out.

The other large factor that is going to continue is the whole large storm and wild fire effect,which I have predicted as well.They will have an impact on crops and real estate.

Bear in mind that I am not a stockbroker and you should always take my ideas to the professionals you deal with.




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