Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Marriage?

Those of us who astrologically consult people who are contemplating marriage,are shaking our heads about the upcoming nuptuals of the adorable couple to be!

We know the royal couple have never had proper astrological help,as I have said before,because the chart of the royal marriage contains factors that should not be locked in!Instead of putting many planets available during the spring,for the timing chart of this marriage,which would have locked in the qualities of stability and marital longevity,the qualities of aggression and headstrong initiative are an innate part of this chart!Is this good?No,no,no!

Competent astrologers first sit down with the young marrieds to be.Look at each partner’s chart for their character traits,their ability to make or lose money,and whether they have a dark side:perhaps a streak of depression or bipolar illness.Or other positive traits,like,for a woman,the likelehood of being fertile.

After each partner is looked at by themselves,the astrologer,compares their charts and picks a time for their nuptuals.This will be an exact chart set up by him,or her,which locks in traits the couple wants.

If the royal couple to be had gone another,to mid May,they would have had a much better chart.Mercury and Venus would be conjunct in Taurus.This could have been incoprated with a decent Moon,say in Cancer and some other factors,to protect their marriage.


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