Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Rejection

     This astrologer finds the timing of the royal wedding ironic, because the aspects for romance are not stellar at the moment.In fact,they are downright icy.The planet Venus,the planet of women and love is moving into an opposition with the planet,Saturn,the planet of coldness.

    Venus resides currently in the sign,Aries with,Jupiter,Mars,Mercury and Uranus.Aries the sign it resides in is an aggressive cardinal sign where Mars ,the planet of war is most happy and the Sun,is exalted.Here,Venus has little power because she resides in her detriment:a weakened condition.This makes her weak and angry.What this means in layman’s terms, is that there will be a flurry of men being dumped by their irate paramours.Women will no longer tolerate their men treating them with a lack of dignity and are assuming their own arrogant stance.

   Venus has recently aspected the planet,Pluto which caused the planet to open women’s eyes to the fact that depth in relationships is not a superficial ideal but a reasonable basis for romance.Although this line of thinking might not have been immediately acted upon,now that this feminine planet is interacting with Saturn,tolerance for infidelity and superficiality in relationships is no longer viewed with a blurred lense.


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