There Be Monsters:Future Storm Predictions

    Readers of this blog are wondering why the feral tornadic storms are continuing to strike.There are two astrological patterns now why are fueling them and they are rare.

   The  first factor is the North and South Nodes in a tea-square with the planet,Uranus in Aries.This causes the instability of winds with an intermittent hot burst of wind and dangerous lightning:this patternmakes the lightning much more deadly and the storms freakishly unstable.

   The second astrological pattern is the set up of many planets in Aries:a hot sign aspecting Saturn in Libra,a cold sign.The planet Jupiter in Aries magnifies large amounts of hot air and Saturn gives large amounts of cold air.These things give the intensities of polarity of air current which cause rotation and spawn the tornadoes of late.

  These factors continue through the end of May and are over,but in June.June 1st and June 15th,I expect two large storm paths to sweep through.


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