Fashion:Artisitic Stylings

   I am pulling for the royal couple to triumph over their badly timed wedding chart.This astrologer hopes that nature will triumph over envirnment here and protect them from romantic harm.Clearly,an astrologer had nothing to do with their wedding chart,or if they did,they are incompetent.

   On the bright side though,we have the fashion fanfare brought to us by the stellium in Aries, in the marriage chart:these planets reside in the sign,Aries,which is associated with the head.So,females attending the royal wedding were encouraged to wear hats! What hats there were! Many with feathers,taking up a large halo of space around the head,like crowns!

    We cannot help but celebrate the marvelous visual effects of this cascading planetary situation,but wave goodbye to hats as a fashion statement becuase soon the planets that were in Aries will move into Taurus and this flash in the pan of fashion,will move on.


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