There Be Monsters:Predictions Which Came True

   Now those that read my blog can see that almost all of my published predictions have come true.They were precise,detailed and given long before what happened came to pass.

    I in my thirty five year practise,have looked at over thirty five thousand astrological charts and done my own research.Although I have read many books and studied with many people,this research is my own.My knowledge was garnered from my own insights with direct,hands on experience.

   I work with a hedge fund person and benefit her from this knowledge of large cycles.Remember,before such matters appeared anywhere in journalistic print,I predicted that wheat amd grain prices would skyrocket ,due to weather problems,including massive inundation of water!

    I predicted that fish,birds and other animals would become ill:this was before Fukeshima made fish radioactive and the tornadoes,blew up many chicken farms.

   I also said that the stock market would not stay up,because there were to many underlying factors,which would keep rolling along to create a “perfect storm” of negative situations which would occur.

   So who would benefit from hiring me in the professional world?Hedge Fund owners,Stockbrokers,Business Planners,C.E.O.s of companies,individuals who want to get a large picture of what lies ahead for them,so they can plan their next year,clients who want me to do an in depth analysis of  a potential relationship:in business or marriage.In short,anyone who needs insight in their life.


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