Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To

   Readers who,as a rule,read the Sun Sign pablum available in the press now,might never avail themselves of a decent astrological reading because they have no idea the depth of knowledge they could obtain.

     Even one kind of astrological reading of a person or a situation cannot,by itself show all the facets of a situation.This is why I use romantic compatability studies I use comparisons with a treatment with:Vedic Astrology,British Western Astrology,Hellenistic Astrology and sometimes  the chart of a question concerning the couple:Horary Astrology.This is because,in my opionion,no one system gives all the answers:each has a blind spot.By overlapping the patterns of  multiple systems,I achieve more completeness.

   Astrological Chart Compatability is a complicated business at best.Astrology when used properly though gives complicated and detailed knowledge to the client that they would be surprised about.


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