The Gift Of Astrology

   I would just like to make a comment on why I practise Astrology and why doing so is the purpose of my life.

   When I started to study the field I had no idea of  what I would eventually find in its landscape.There are many Astrologies of the World.I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to four of them in depth.Each tradition brings its own rules and information to be gleaned,but what they all have given me is absolute hands on proof that everything in existence is part of an ordered universe.Or to quote Einstein:”G’d does not play dice with the universe.”

   I promise you that if everyday,you look at charts you will see order every time you look.Of course,the mathematician sees a similar kind of beauty.The scientist sees replication in the natural world.The musician or the architect see beauty in the golden mean or tonal scale.All I am saying is that before I started studying this wonderful field,I had a strong faith but,now after the practise of my field for more than thirty five years,that faith has become a viable shield for the vicissitudes of life.


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