There Be Monsters:Enter Doubt Onto The World Stage

   Now that Jupiter no longer has drishti on Saturn,to speak in Vedic terms,for a second,the World has become suddently worried.A feeling of doubt has overwhelmed them.This is not surprising with this astrological change.

   Saturn tropically:meaning in the tropical zodiac now resides in its exaltation,Libra,although retrograde.In the sidereal zodiac,he resides in Virgo.Recently Jupiter,recently went into sidereal Aries with many planets and their mother,leaving Saturn to balefully have full drishti:or in layman’s terms,have fully aspect by itself on other planets-without the protection from harm of Jupiter.

  Jupiter held up the stock market and made people feel that although things were negative,a silver lining still went with negativity.Now this is not the case.

   Now a feeling of doubt and negativity has settled on the World Population like a dark miasmic cosmic night.Coldness,negativity,conventionalism,ailments from chronic illness-skeletal and those resulting from violent chills and grief now afflict people.

   It is important to deliberately stay warm,when chilled overheat the body for a time.Embrace humour.Help the elderly or unfortunate.Make a difference in a tangeable way.

  Most of all,keep moving and see how the glass is full.


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