There Be Monsters:The Market

  Unfortunately,Jupiter has left the building.He,kept the hot air aloft which held up the market and markets in other countries.Now,in my opinion,the stock market will not remain idiot proof.There will be a distinct chill:now the real winter,sent out by exalted,retrograde,Saturn in mid sign will send visions of pessimism and risk abroad.

   What to do.Realize that you are now at the beginning of some new paradigms in stock markets.The new notes are now being developed.

  Do not assume that any of your assumptions of the past will work now.Deconstruct the idea of each stock or holding and winnow everything with a cold eye.

  I am not a stock broker.I am astrologer,but I do understand large patterns.In this expertise,I am issuing a warning,based on my technical knowledge.


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