Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:The Eclipse

   On June First,a solar eclipse will occur in the sign of the Twins,Gemini and it is showtime! In romance let the sophistication begin the beguine.Those in love can go out dancing,like Fred and Ginger;dress in his and hers,hers and hers,his and his outfits,or simply relate as equals.This is the twinkletoe time for such lightheartedness…..

     Yet,speaking all truths can kill.The eclipse in Gemini,is dissonant to the planets:Venus,Mars,Mercury in the fixed,earth sign Taurus.This means words do not mesh with touch.Thought does not connect with deeply buried strong feelings which have not yet come to the surface and may be to deep to be comprehended.Therefore,this is not the time to have things out,or try to suss couple issues with words.

  Fire up the black and white film noire movies which hold good and evil,light and dark shadow on the screen.In that world romance lives again in complicated splendour.Ideas like Honor,fidelity,intense emotion and ironic wit are still alive and have not died a slow death.

  Go dancing and tango to physically act out the dance of pairing.


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