There Be Monsters:Greece

      It will not be surprising to those you care about the fate of the marvelous country of Greece,where the concept of Democracy was conceived,that when its tropical chart of 1974 is examined,it will immediately be seen that the fulcrum of power resides with others:Pluto in Capricorn, is in the seventh house of enemies and partners.Pluto is the Greek god of the underworld and planet symbolizing death,power and radical transformation!

    Like all good in epics ,the people of Greece will need to send their heroes and heroines ,into a mythical descent into  the underworld,where they will lose their  old behaviors,battle with dark forces,and emerge shorn of their old personas.There is no doubt that they are noble heroes and heroines,like all characters in epics but their revolution is very real.

    Uranus,the planet of revolt,called Ouranous,in their mythology is aspecting its natal,Moon and Pluto in its fourth house,house which describes its territory.The fourth house all represents the underpinning of the country,what makes it tick,at its base.This I.C. is in Virgo,a mutable earth sign and contains the two planets which are blowing up,along with the planet Uranus,the basis of what makes Greece,Greece.

   This placement is part of a tee-square with the ascendant and the seventh house thowing the persona and the partners of the country, will be revised by the people.Everything will be revamped,from the ground up.

   What then,you ask,will be the next big event for Greece.This unfortunately is not hard to forecast.Beginning on June 10th through the 21st,the Greek government will probably be revamped,after a large failure of its current government.

    In September,this process will continue,with radical changes made,probably by continuing force,to those who run the country of Greece.


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