Medical Metaphysics:Some Musings

   June,brings bodily affliction which can cause,sciatica,intestinal problems,lung ailments,and foot problems.

   Care should be taken,when traveling about water,taken by mouth and shower.Bottled water is best,to avoid water bourne pathogens.Hands should be washed continuously after being in crowds.

   To avoid pneumonia,which is high risk,through June,it is best to steam the head with a pot of boiling water and a towel draped over the head,as a tent.This done twice a day,prevents this problem.

  In July,an ultra high risk exsts for brain events:seizures,possible strokes or dementia attacks in the elderly,brain bleeding and weird shifts in blood pressure from anger which can be dangerous.

  Those with this problem to begin with,can prevent negative effects by having acupuncture needles for the brain,by appropriate practitioners,but with tumours consult such people carefully..Probably, it is best to have needles for the brain,placed in another region of the body,like the hand or ear.At any rate,consult your internist before you decide to try this.I am not a doctor,only an astrologer who has done research in medical patterns.

  Those at risk for brain problems need to take a chill pill,feather back from their aggresive nature in July,it is not the time to get angry or try to push through illness to a finish line.The best finish line is survival,accomplished through patience and relaxation.Go to slo mo,visualize healing light cocooning the body.Use the earth to ground and heal.Yadda,yadda,yadda….to infinity….yeah,yeah,yeah baby!

  Fire up some funky music and leave the planet internally.


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