There Be Monsters:The Stock Market

  Many months ago on this blog,I warned there would be a “perfect storm of rolling negative factors”which would cause the “hot air” that the market was floating on to be cooled rapidly.This is becoming a reality currently and it will not right iself with a different weather forecast.Batten down the house folks,you are in a nuclear winter as regards public confidence:or if not nuclear winter,then a long period of ennui-of siberian frostiness….

  It will be a long,long time until the warmth of public confidence,shines with the kind of light which gives heat.

  I base this on many astrological factors too numerous and abstruse for discussion.Suffice to say,you find that I am right.

  There will be many black swans ahead.Each will give another hit.

  I think it is best to err on the side of caution and look at each investment with detachment.Let your money management professionals discuss with you their justifications for how they are guiding you.Those things are their bailiwick.


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