There Be Monsters:The Lunar Eclipse

   Eclipses are powerful timings of change in the lives of all.Many times they give intense positive and negative change at the same time.

   What people,who don’t work with them don’t know is that their energy is not necessarily negative or positive:it just exists with explosive force.

   People like me,in the business of working with planetary symbolism for maximum positive effect,encourage everyone to harness the energy deliberately.This means,for example,if some has the chance of a negative health outcome in their chart,say they are having a solar eclipse of the Sun in their natal chart,instead of letting the eclipse overtake their “light”in a negative way,they can focus the bright light of prayer on their body and ask their higher power to regenerate them.This way,they are using the energy which is going to be there exaggeratedly to exaggeratedly heal themselves.

   In all traditional religions this has been widely known.The Chinese harness the potential of eclipses in their Lion Dance,the Jews celebrate many holidays involving new and full Moons,the Indians have specific ways of using the Nakshatras of the Moon for specific nuances of effect.and  so it goes,through all the world’s great religions.

  Long ago at the inception of time,when G’d gave humankind the complicated transmission of Astrology,along with the many bibles and documents of spiritual modalities which would be useful,the knowledge of how to use the large pulsings of energy was considered a very important finding.That was why so much information on such solar-lunar ideas was given in written form.

    Eclipses are time for positive change and prayer.Do not however,just sit them out!It is necessary to go out to meet them and harness their force in a way preordained:through praying.


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