There Be Monsters:Why Eclipses Are So Powerful

   The Sun is the karaka:symbol for the Soul and the Vitality of the body.The Moon is the karaka:symbol for the body and the mind of the individual.So in a particular Vedic chart,if these two things are weak or marred by negative”aspects” the person will have problems in these areas.

   The Sun in the sky and the Moon in the sky,should exist in good order,with no impedation.When there are events occuring to them materially,this is a serious matter.An endarkenment of one or the other,shows that an endarkenment in the cosmic structure on earth will take place.

   This symbolism can be used consciously to visualize the getting rid of for example,a negative previous lifestyle,connection to an addiction,or making bad cells vanish.The point is,this energy should be utilized in a conscious way.


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