There Be Monsters:Stroke And Brain Risk

    This year,unfortunately,as in the previous year,brain illnesses have and will come to the fore.

   I have no intention of going into why,many have no interst in my techniques,they just want the results.Others can ask me for those at a future time.

   Suffice to say,a word to the wise is sufficient:from June 25th to July 6th the risk for brain events is at Defcon Ten! This means guard your elderly,frail,brain damaged loved ones well:call them many times a day on the phone,take them for acupuncture every other day,put them on aspirin-if they have clogged brain arteries,and tell them to chill out!Anger could,at this time be deadly.

  I have done much research on this subject and have studied my own family,at the beginning of it.More than thirty-five thousand charts later,and I am confident of what I know.

Take it and save your relative’s lives.


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