Electional Timing:The Clock Set For New Begininnings

       Neophytes to the realm of Astrology,do not know that we traditional astrologers deliberate for ourselves,our loved ones and our clients,upon when to begin the matters we consider important and that conversely we deliberately refrain from instigating change,when the cosmic clock is set for destruction. This is because when the clock of a chart is set,what is shown in that chart comes true,many times down to the smallest detail.This is factually hard to believe with even seasoned astrologers:this is one of the most mysterious things about this mysterious field.

    Examples will show how this works.The chart of the beginninng of anything:the founding of a :country,company,the contract for the closing of a house,the time of marriage vows,the time a plane goes into the air:all of these can be cast into what are called,inception charts.The moment when these events begin are cast into a chart:a clock of how this situation will unfold.

   These charts also can be dealt with after time because they change with time symbolically,although the keep their original qualities,at the same time.

   When I bought my farmhouse in Kentucky,with my then husband,I set up my exact time to sign the contract on August 17th,1987 at a time when Jupiter would give a protective angle to the buy.I set up some fixed stars which ensured my farm would retain its value and give protection.Jupiter gave pure water,when a well was dug,although my neighbor,one acre away obtained sulpherous water! The grand fire trine and air trine gave strong,healing energy to the land,so that when I wanted to heal myself or gather groups healing energies sustained us.

    When I left Kentucky,the value for the time of sale was superlative.for the time.This is how properly set up electional charts go.

   On the flip side,howver,a poor time electionally will call for destruction,havoc and many bad things.An example currently is this week of June 15th,2011,which contains and pivots on the full Moon eclipse chart of June 15th ,but whose orb:reach of effect began on the 10th.It is in the signs-tropically of Gemini- Sagittarius and sidereally:Taurus-Scorpio!

    Let me break down this symbolism and you will laugh as hard as I do! Gemini=Sagittarius deals with matters of communication over the “air waves” and writing.Scorpio deals with sex and Taurus deals with values-money.The full Moon eclipse radiating this week in these polarities,has already begun its effect in the lives of Sarah Palin and Anthony Weiner because this is how matters go at times of negative timing!Explosions occur when least expected and their blowback is always startling.

   This is why,all of you should employ the services of  a traditonal astrologer of skill,who can use techniques,many times thousands of years old,to set up a chart for your important beginnings,which will bring you what you want,or at least not contribute unexpected negative ones!


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