Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To

   Michaeal Lutin has written an instructive comment about Saturn in Libra,just turning direct,where it resides in its exaltation.He explains it will either make new romances go deep or blow up old ones,who cannot winnow out properly.I like this idea very,very much!

    I would add,if  other factors are looked at,readers will also notice in their lives matters romantic coming to a head due to issues of:money,who wears the pants in the relationship,fickleness and fidelity-by that I do not mean traditional commitment,but just basic decency with regard to treatment,multiple partners-or decisions whether to pick one or go with many,partners attracted by wit and sexuality but finding a negative untrow which might lead to Hades:the realm of the Underworld.

    This is a bleak time for romance on so many levals and these levals will prove out.Those that remain,after the dust settles,may still not have the answers they sought,only a deepter feeling of ennui,but it is always good,not to play the fool,keep one’s wits about one,follow the dictates of self and get rid of the dross of poisonous romantic partners:either of the past or glimmering in the possible future.

   It is better to fire up an opera CD and open an Agatha Christie,or for those without these eclectic tastes,watch paint dry,or water drop from a faucet,then to spend one minute with an unsuitable romantic choice!


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