There Be Monsters:A Higher Earthquake Threat Why

   Hey folks,I have just learned that a well known astrologer is piggybacking my negative predictions onto his reputation!His problem will be,if he choses to continue,that I have timed,tagged and dated my predictions and ,if he continues,I will sue him!Of course,in some sense,this is flattering,but is based up the fact that my accuracy inprint has been high!

    Unfortunately few astrologers in the United States are particularly well trained in Traditional Astrology and without that training ,they are useless at prediction and character analysis.

    As I was already saying,before my plagerist boldly plastered my ideas onto facebook,there is an increased chance for earthquake, and becuase this man is shadowing my techniques,I refuse to explain how I am doing things just now.

    Suffice it to say,the earthquake games will begin.Michael Lutin is wise to bring out as very important,that Saturn in Libra has just gone direct.He sees this as significant for relationships…. and yes I so,so agree,but also with regard to the natural realm:this planet going direct is a big deal.

 There are other more disturbing factors layered onto this up to infinity,so my point will be that now there is a much higher risk of earthquake risk, and earthquakes going on at a more prolific rate for the foreseable future.

  Eclipses and full moons make all things on earth expand and magnify,but there are many layers of astrological magnification to negative effects now.


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