Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To

    If someone has a chart in which many planets are in signs which are mutable:Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius,or Pisces,they think those they are trying to romance will accept fickleness and capriciousness as acceptable behavior.For them,having more than one option on the table romantically makes sense:if one proves flawed, the other,is ready to go! Who could find a flaw in this they might ask?Of course the answer is,anyone who has self respect.

   Mutable people of this type,end up alone at the end of their lives becuase they want it all,all the time and this grows old as a game, to those who consider what they offer.This is indeed tragic,because these people have alot to offer:they are often wordsmiths,gifted artisits or musicians,quick thinkers,flexible to other people’s ideas-like chameleons,they never grow old in spirit but find themselves hobbled by loneliness because they hold out for the perfect situation and mate;and in the real world really romantic people want honesty and loyalty.


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