Life:”I can’t go on,I must go on…”Samuel Beckett

    Many cast about for proof that they do not live in a random universe.Their faith may be hypothetical,but without a counterveiling correlative in the material realm they can get no purchase on it.Albert Einstein was looking for proof that G’d existed but before he discovered the material facts which gave himhis informed view of the universe,he did not really know:have gnosis,of  how “G’d didn’t play dice with the universe”.It is one thing to hope for a knowledge of an ordered universe,it is yet another thing,to actually comprehend that order.

    Mathematics,Physics,Music,Art,Prayer and other things can begin to take us to this place of gnosis,but astrology and other forms of divination can show us on the page,how our life was ordered down to infinity.

   I practise many types of astrology and generally bring their multidimensional effects to one person or subject,because the sheer depth,breadth and spectrum of detail available to the client from doing this blows  their mind:I am actually trying to do this;to show them that a “book”could be written from their chart.i go from a Vedic Chart,to a Horary Chart,to a Classical Greek Chart,to a Western Chart and drop small patterns down from each chart I do for them:at the end of the process a few fine details,gathered will give a precise prediction of a thing which is pivital to their purpose on earth.

     Other experts in other fields of divination,like the tarot,give a similar gift,with their skill.The client comes to them,they put out the cards and a portrait emerges of the life of the person,that the tarot reader could not know.This portrait,confirms to the client,that he or she are in an ordered universe and they feel much better.

    Divination is “divine” it was given to humanity as a touchstone:a way for humanity to put their hands on the beautious reach of the universe in a material way.It was a gift from G’d so G’d could have a conversation with us when we received its gifts.

   Such knowledge is not to be feared,marginalized or made fun of because if its gifts are taken,anyone’s life can be transformed by it,in the twinkle of the eye.


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