Masculinity and Femininity:The Connundrum

   On Saturday night I listened to a lecture by the witty astrologer,Michael Lutin,which dealt with the always fascinating topic of what makes someone male or female;as well as the discussion of whether an astrologer,using the tools of the trade can actually perceive such knowledge.I am glad he raised the issue and would like to add my own ideas to his effort.

   Classical Greek astrologers who lived at roughly 400 B.C. had an astrology which very precisely dealt with such distinctions and there astrology best suits this kind of exploration of whether someone is inherently male or female-excluding their anatomical nature.They dealt with a concept called:”sect” which deliniated the chart of an individual in shades of masculinity and feminity.

     First the chart was divided into whether the subject was born in the day:then the planets most important to presiding over the chart:Saturn,Jupiter and the Sun would be scrutinized.Masculine signs:would add masculine traits to the person’s chart,which would be masculine in nature.The masculine signs are:Aries,Leo,Sagittatius,Gemini,Libra and Aquarius.

    If most of the planets in this day born chart and the “sect leaders” of day were in feminine signs:Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn,Cancer,Scorpio or Pisces,the person’s masculine traits would be feminized.

    If the person was born at night,they had a feminine chart inherently and their “sect leaders”would have been the Moon,Venus,and Mars.The Greek astrologer would follow the inverse application for this scrutinizing process and see if the person was truly feminine.

    There are many other refinements to this process but I am giving you the basis of this brilliant astrology,that of Classical Greece,which supposedly was brought across the desert from Egypt.

     I have manuscripts in my possession I obtained from scholarly astrologers of “Project Hindsight”now disbanded with which I do these kinds of charts.

    Suffice it to say though for those who have always felt like a stranger in the body they were given because it is not appropriate to them,this astrology has many,many answers.I know that many in the gay community might benefit from such a chart.


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