Vedic Astrology 101

   Vedic Astrology,the astrology of India,which passed to humanity four thousand years ago,or so,is the astrology most appropriate for describing information about character.This sophisticated system cannot be described,it needs to be experianced to be comprehended.

    To begin with we want to discuss the nodes of the Moon:Rahu and Ketu.Rahu,the north node of the Moon is described in the Rishi literature as a :”transparent blue umbrella”.It is the area in the chart where the individual expresses the sending of energy,their ability to be an iconoclast,it can give poisoning,be associated with witchcraft or the use of power for bad purposes and can show radical behavior which runs to extremes.

  Ketu,is described in the Rishi literature as a :”flag or an ensign,a light in the darkness”.It burns away materialism although it can award wealth at times.It burns away all belief in materiality and leads the recipient of its effects to believe :”life is but a dream”.The person then who is strongly under its influence gets disoriented to begin with by it and then has positive effects of spiritual insight.It is associated with mediumship and losing one’s temper completely.

   In the literature it is said that Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars.

    This astrology has completely different aspects and contains harmonic charts which each showcase a different type of insight.There are charts for :”vehicles,marrriages,spiritual merit and many other things.The list goes on and on.

   Also there are timing periods called,dashas,which show how a long period of time will go.

   Moreover,there are images each planet shines through,like the rose windows in a church,called nakshatras which limit the expresion of that planet to that precise image.This gives a truly subtle meaning of how that planet will show itself.

   This astrology,is based on the sidereal zodiac,instead of the tropical zodiac and is as different from western astrology,as day is to night.


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