Vedic Astrology:What Makes Someone Evil

    One of the reasons I took up the study of Vedic Astrology,after learning Western Astrology,is that I found it did not sufficiently reveal what made people tick.Vedic Astrology,on the other hand,does not have this problem,it  many times is like a “flow chart”of how someone is.This is useful when winnowing out negative people.

    What do I mean here? The quintessential psychopath is someone for whom  light has never shone:this person has had all the doors and windows barred from illumination.This can be seen vedically by usual techniques of that astrology.

   The Moon of such a person will be weak,surrounded by malefic planets,but also,the rest of the chart will have a weakness in benefic planets which could bring in a ray of light.If Jupiter,Venus, and Mercury,do not astrologically speak to the Moon,problems will exist.

   There are many complicated refinements to this kind of analysis to numerous to go into here,but suffice it to say.A strong feeling of compassion overwhelms one,when looking at such charts because the person has had an unremitting long life with no positive experiances and this has made him or her,the negative person that they became.


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